Polyflux H

For Effective Convective Therapies
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polyflux H, hemodialysis,


Promoting biocompatibility1,2 with convective volumes in mind


3-layer Polyamix membrane has been designed to optimize the combination of high diffusive and convective transport rates


Narrow pore size allows for effective permeability to small and conventional middle molecules3


Steam sterilized from the inside-out, promoting biocompatibility and preventing exposure to manufacturing residues and dangerous chemicals 4,5

polyflux H, hemodialysis,

For Effective Convective Therapies

The Polyflux H dialyzer series is a range of dialyzers that effectively support the delivery of high-volume convective therapies3 (HDF or HF mode), as well as regular high-flux hemodialysis. With over 300 million Polyflux dialyzers having performed high-quality treatment around the world since 19886, the series is proven to deliver biocompatibility2 and endotoxin retention1 with consistent performance. The series helps control the loss of essential proteins such as albumin7, which is particularly challenging at high flows and TMPs.

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Read more about how the Polyflux H dialyzer series contributes to Baxter’s larger dialyzer portfolio by providing safe, effective, and biocompatible convective therapies to your patients.

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