Optimizing High Flux Performance
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The Poracton membrane (PAES/PVP, BPA-Free) provides effective permeability with minimal resistance to diffusion1,2,3


Removes small and conventional middle molecules (during HD therapy) at a rate equivalent to that of a dialyzer with a 22% larger surface area


May help manage patient risks by reducing exposure of blood, potentially reducing clotting and micro inflammation5


Optimizing performance4 with safety and biocompatibility in mind 

revaclear, dialysis, dialyzer,

Optimizing High Flux Performance

The Revaclear dialyzer series is a range of high-efficiency, high-flux dialyzers designed to enhance safety and biocompatibility for your patients, as well as optimize clearance, with a smaller surface area6. With Poracton membrane design, the Revaclear series provides effective permeability with minimal resistance to diffusion1,2,3.

revaclear, dialysis, dialyzer, revaclear Datasheet

Learn More About the Revaclear Dialyzer Series

Read more about how the Revaclear series contributes to Baxter’s larger dialyzer portfolio by enhancing the safety and biocompatibility of high-flux treatments for your patients.

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