Polyflux L

A proven balance of quality and performance in low-flux
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polyflux L, dialysis, dialyzer,


Promoting biocompatibility1,2 with high performance in mind


Distinctive membrane design that prevents endotoxins from crossing the dialyzer membrane1,3


Steam sterilized inside-out, preventing exposure to chemicals such as ethylene oxide and manufacturing residues2,4


Exclusive 3-layered membrane structure, designed to support a stable high performance over time5

polyflux L, dialysis, dialyzer,

A proven balance of quality and performance in low-flux

The Polyflux L dialyzer series is specialized for low-flux hemodialysis treatments, featuring a distinctive membrane that acts as an effective barrier to potential fluid contaminants, while still delivering high performance6. With over 300 million Polyflux dialyzers having performed high-quality treatment around the world since 19884, the series is proven to deliver biocompatible, yet effective, low-flux therapies. 

polyflux L, polyflux L Datasheet

Learn More About the Polyflux L Dialyzer Series

Read more about how the Polyflux L dialyzer series contributes to Baxter’s larger dialyzer portfolio by providing biocompatible, yet effective, low-flux therapies to your patients.

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